Various Massage Techniques

​There are a variety of different styles of massage that you can choose from.

 Upon your request, we can suggest the massage technique that would suit you. 

Remedial Massage*​

Health Fund Rebate Available

A healing treatment that affects the whole body and aims to heal discomfort.

Aromatherapy Treatment
We don't restrict you to the classics. You can choose aromatherapy massage which includes essential oil.

Step into a world where relaxation is the key to unlock your stressful mind. We help relieve your tension, stress and improve your circulation for a healthy lifestyle. 

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Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones are used to relax your body and massage sore muscles.

Elemental Remedial Massage

Massage Therapy

Relaxing Music

​Relaxing music is played in the background all the time. It helps to release your body from tension and allows your mind to be in a much calmer state. It also provides a relaxing and soothing massage environment. 

Deep Tissue Massage

Focuses on the deeper layers to help release the tension and improve circualtion



Here at Elemental Remedial Massage, we have an array of featured services administered by our massage therapists. Relaxing music are played throughout all massage sessions for a tranquil and calming environment.